Industrial Epoxy Flooring

For Industrial Strength Durability & Safety Standards

Industrial Epoxy Flooring, London, ON

We install seamless industrial epoxy flooring in London warehouses, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, laboratories and many other industrial settings where safety and sanitary conditions are most important. Our industrial epoxy flooring solutions are extremely durable, UV stable non-yellowing, chemical and abrasion resistant, and low maintenance making it easier to maintain a sterile environment. In fact, with proper maintenance, industrial epoxy coatings can last for decades.

Warehouse industrial epoxy flooring, London, Ontario.
Warehouse / Logistics
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Company, London, Ontario
Industrial grade epoxy solutions for food processing plant, London, ON.
Food Processing
Industrial grade epoxy for London parking facility
Parking Facility / Heavy Traffic
Industrial floor coatings for manufacturing plants
Manufacturing with Visual Markings

Epoxy, Urethanes & More

For our London industrial epoxy flooring jobs, we offer 100% solid epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, and polished concrete solutions. Today there are a wide variety of different epoxy and urethane flooring systems available, each with different properties that are suitable for different industrial uses. Once we inspect your facility and have a better understanding of the use of your floor, we can then select the best epoxy and urethane mixtures.

Industrial Epoxy Benefits

At Mountainview, we install industrial epoxy coating systems that include a base coat, second coat, and a top coat. This three coat system will provide you with a concrete flooring system that will give your industrial floor many benefits.

  • Chemical resistant against chemical spills, impact, abrasions, temperature and fire
  • Extremely durable to withstand heavy traffic
  • Slip resistant for your safety
  • Very attractive with various decorative epoxy flooring options – solids, quartz, metallic, flake
  • Low maintenance and non-porous for near-sterile conditions
  • Reflective finish improves brightness
  • Environmentally friendly – no solvents

Industrial Floor Process

Industrial epoxy and urethane floors can last for many years if they are installed correctly and maintained properly. Our vast experience and installation process will insure things are done right.

  • We inspect your business to determine your specific flooring requirements. Tests may be performed to determine if your floor contains moisture content or is contaminated.
  • Your concrete floor is then prepared via cleaning, degreasing, repairing and grinding to ensure a strong coating adherence.
  • We then begin to apply the epoxy primer, epoxy and urethane resins one coat at a time. There is a specific time limit for each application. Before the final coat is added, we will add metallic pigments, flakes, or logos.

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Why Choose Mountainview Epoxy?

  • Over 20 years experience with all types of flooring systems
  • We offer multiple solutions to meet your flooring needs
  • We use only100% solid, industrial grade epoxy
  • Our epoxy is non-flammable and CIFA approved
  • Our epoxy is environmentally friendly – zero volatile organic compounds
  • We offer competitive prices
  • Excellent service from project start to finish
  • All of our work is guaranteed

Industrial Epoxy Service Area

Our service area for industrial epoxy flooring installations includes: London Ontario, Brantford, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph, Stratford and all of the smaller communities in and around these locations.